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***Click Here for Machining Demo Movie of PBA-35ECF***


Sample Machined Parts

Polygon Box-End Contour Forming (ECF) Model for Automatic Screw Machining Centers (Forming behind shoulder applications)

Patented designed Unit contains a Cam developed for your specific application

Make your Automatic Screw Machine into a Machining Center.


Ext. Hex Range

Ext. Square Range

Typical Machining Center


1/8"-1" Ext. Hex
5/16" Max. width

1/8"-3/4" Ext. Square
5/16" Max. width

Euroturn, 1" Acme or Larger, New Britain, Wickman, etc. Multiple Spindle Screw Machines


1/4"-1 3/4" Ext. Hex
3/8" Max. width

1/4"-1 1/2" Ext. Square
3/8" Max width

Euroturn, 1 1/4" Acme or Larger, #61/62 New Britain, Wickman, etc. Multiple Spindle Screw Machines


(2) Flats, Elliptical, Rectangular, Pentagon


Utilizes existing Automatic Machining Centers
Ideal for High Production Runs
Eliminates Costly Secondary Operations
Provides behind the shoulder Forming Machining (Without spindle stopping)
Mounts on the Cross-Slide of your Machine
Polygon Attachment is driven by a Synchronous Drive Assembly (provided by customer)
Cam for each different application changed in 20 minutes


PBA-ECF Unit to meet your specific Application
Adapter Plate for the Cross-Slide of your Machine
(6) Cutting Tools to suit your application
Sample Parts machined from your material
Please fill out the Polygon Job Specification/Data Sheet when requesting additional information!



Wheeler Tool Company has been working for forty years on the unconventional tools used to eliminate costly secondary operations.

The Polygon Box-End Forming (ECF) Model was developed by Wheeler Tool Company to provide a cost effective method for contour machining behind the shoulder applications on Automatic Machining Centers.

PBA-35ECF Installed on Euroturn 8/32

The PBA-35ECF Model was designed to perform the nearly impossible task of machining Polygon Contours behind shoulders. This enables you to perform a very difficult task on the cut-off end of the stock with your existing Automatic Screw Machining Centers.

The Unit must be mounted on the cross-slide and be driven by a Synchronous Drive Assembly matched 1 to 1 with the machine spindle.

Units can be installed and maintained by your normal personnel.

Synchronous Drive is to be supplied by the customer. Wheeler Tool will provide assistance in the procurement if necessary.

***Click Here for Machining Demo Movie of PBA-35ECF***

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