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PB-23, PB-35, PB-46 & PB-92

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PB-23 shown

Sample Machined Parts

Bore or Turn Polygons on Conventional Machining Centers

Polygon Box (PB) Patented Design enables size range from same Cam

Make Your Conventional Equipment into a Machining Center


Hex Hole Range

Square Hole Range

Typical Machining Center


1/8" thru 2 5/16"

3/16" thru 1 3/4"

Engine/Turret Lathes, (Min. swing clearance of 8" DIA.)


3/16" thru 3 1/2"

3/8" thru 2 1/2"

Engine/Turret Lathes, (Min. swing clearance of 11" DIA.)


3 1/2" thru 6"

1 3/8" thru 5"

Engine Lathes, (Min. swing clearance of 15" DIA.)


6" to 14"

4 1/2" thru 10 1/2"

Engine Lathes, (Min. swing clearance of 20" DIA.)


(2) Flats; Elliptical; Rectangular; Pentagon; Heptagon; Stoffel drives and (12) Point Polygons


Utilize Conventional Machining Centers
Ideal for short run Production
Adjustability - Range of sizes from one Cam
Eliminates costly secondary operations
Concentricity built into the manufacturing operation
Eliminates Undercuts


Polygon Box Tool to meet your specific application
Adapter to mount the unit on your machine
(1) Boring or Turning Bar for your application
(6) Cutting Tools to suit your application
Sample parts machined from your material
Please fill out the Polygon Job Specification/Data Sheet when requesting additional information!



Wheeler Tool Company has been working for forty years on the unconventional tools to eliminate costly secondary operations.

The Polygon Box (PB) Model was the first developed by Wheeler Tool Company to provide a cost effective solution for boring or turning polygons on conventional machining centers.



PB-23 Mounted on Engine Lathe

Boring 1 1/2" Hex Hole
1" Deep In 2.5 Minutes
Most Sizes Machined In One Cut.


PB-46 Mounted on Turret Lathe

4 3/4" Hex Bored in 27 min.
Vertical Shaper Time 1 hr. 48 min.

Polygon Box (PB) Models have proven track record. Over 500 units fielded since development.

The Wheeler Polygon Box Tool is a cam actuated contouring tool using a single cutting point tool bit.

It was developed to do one of the most difficult jobs found in any machine shop - produce blind concentric hexagon or other polygon holes in an economical manner.

Its use enables the operator of a turret lathe with good spindle, to bore "blind" polygon holes as accurately, and almost as quickly as round holes are bored.

Also, to contour polygon surfaces on shafts, etc. all shapes will be smooth, concentric, with straight sides and sharp corners, but, these are only some of the desirable features of this exciting tool.

Another cost saving feature is its adjustability - 1/8" to 2 5/16" hex parts are made from one cam with PB-23 model. 3 1/2" to 6" hex with PB-46 model. It is only necessary to dial next size either in inches or metric and replace the cutting tool to change from one size to another, and only takes about two minutes.

An inexpensive high speed steel cutting tool is used for all operations and can be reground by the lathe operator.

The Polygon Box Tool consists of a Box type holder for a cutting tool which reciprocates under the control of a rotary cam which is journaled in the box.

The Cam is rotated by the lathe chuck jaw or a driver bolted to the spindle nose and the cam's shape corresponds with the hex, or other polygon being produced.

The cam can be replaced in twenty minutes for changing to other shape polygons.

An adapter plate is bolted to the back of the Polygon Box Tool to suit the lathe turret.

Proven on Toughest Steels - No. 300 Brinell

***Click Here for Machining Demo Movie of PB-23***

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