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Polygon Job Specification/Data Sheet
Information required to evaluate your application.

Please send all of the below information, that are applicable to your application, with a sketch or drawing of your part, and sample material. We Consider All Possible Applications

Material: ___________________

Stock material diameter prior to machining: _________________

Contour Tolerances: ___________________

Finish Requirements: _________________________

Shape of Contour: _______________________

Length of Machined Surface: _______________________

Name, Model and Size of Machine: _________________________

Machine Condition: ________

Machine Base: Flat: ____ Angular: ____ Dovetail: ____ Round: ____ Other: ____

Mounting Position: Main Tool Slide: ____ Cross-Slide: ____ Turret: ____

Automatic Machine Position Unit to be Mounted on: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
(not applicable to PB-23/35/46/92 Models)

Allowable Corner Radius (greater radius will increase RPM): __________

Desired RPM: _______ Desired Feed: _______

Approximate Production Requirements/year: __________

Cut Off End of Part (please mark on sketch or drawing): _________________________________


  1. All Automatic Tools require a Synchronized Spline Shaft to run at a 1 to 1 Ratio with the machine spindle.
  2. Synchronous Drive is to be supplied by the customer. Wheeler Tool will provide assistance in the procurement of the drive if necessary.
  3. Customer should check specific Machine Specifications for Synchronized Applications & their spindle positions.
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