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Wheeler Tool Company:

Wheeler Tool Company (WTC) was established in 1960 by Harold E. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler received eight registered patents on the Polygon Box Tool which are owned by WTC. Mr. Wheeler's son, Robert A. Wheeler (Bob) became proprietor of the business mid year 2000 after being plant manager for two years. Bob has over 38 years business management experience in the aerospace industry.

Product Description:

WTC manufactures patented Polygon Box Tools which are utilized to machine Polygon contours both internal and external in metal. Currently ten models for both automatic screw machines and conventional lathes are in production. A typical application would involve performing such operations of turning or boring hexes, squares, flats or any other polygon shape concurrent with other machining operations, yielding a finished part from one machine cycle. This results in the elimination of costly secondary operations.

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Wheeler Tool Company does not do any custom machine work, all equipment is dedicated to Polygon Box Tool production.

All sales are direct, between Wheeler Tool Company and the end user. This eliminates costly non-value added sales commissions and third-party involvement/confusion.

Customer Base:

WTC has over 45 years experience in precision tool making for industry and the department of defense. This customer base includes the majority of major manufacturing facilities, both domestic and foreign.

The WTC Facility:

The present facility was built in 1977 and expanded in 1984. The building includes 4000 square feet with approximately 80% utilized for manufacturing purposes. The building is designed to allow for future expansion on the existing property.

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Bore and turn irregular shapes with our tools!

Bore and turn irregular shapes with our tools!